At Hatfield Quality Meats, we have great commitment, care, and respect for our employees. In fact, it’s part of our Philosophy of Business: “To care about our people. We will provide our employees good working conditions with modern equipment to perform their jobs efficiently, fair wages for work performed, competitive benefits, and a share of the company profits.” It is for these reasons that Hatfield Quality Meats is one of the largest and most sought after employer in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Hatfield Quality Meats continues to operate in a manner consistent with its Core Values of Integrity, Ethics and Stewardship. These same Core Values have contributed to an upstanding reputation throughout many changing times in its 110+ year history, and Hatfield continues to sustain a healthy success that has made it one of the regions most popular brand and employer. Here at Hatfield we are committed to continuing our tradition of freshest quality into the future. If you would like to be a part of this exciting tradition of quality, visit our “Benefits” and “How to Apply” pages, and thank you for your interest in a career at Hatfield Quality Meats.